KIPARIS DMCC provides services of online document verification. Our services include enables quick and secure enrollment of customers with high accuracy and complete identity fraud protection.

Ensure a high level of verification assurance:

  • Personal Credentials (Name, Number, Disability, Blood Group, Hair Color, Religion and more)
  • Nationality & Immigration Status (Residence Country, Place of Birth, Sponsor, Citizenship and more)
  • Identity Document Information (Tax Numbers, Health Number, Birth Certificate Number, Domiciles and more)
  • Employment & Business Registration (Employer ID, Registration Year, Permit Type, Invoice Details and more)
Quick Verification

Our verification takes about 30 seconds to control drop-off rate and boost conversion rates.

High Accuracy

More than 95% of accuracy to prevent any chargeback or credit card fraud.

High-tech solution

Inhouse developed full automatic verification system helps you to minimize manual work of your staff.

Global Coverage

We can verify Passports, Driving Licenses, Government ID Cards, Credit/Debit Cards in more than 100 languages.